About us

Our Story

When we first started in Boxers was when we began to realise how important it was to be an enthusiast. We soon learnt that when you become interested in something, no matter what it is, embrace it with both arms and become passionate about it. We felt this towards our Boxers and became huge Boxer enthusiasts. To this day, we continue to strive to uphold to our standards and are always passionate for the betterment of the breed.Β 

Our Story

Rampid Boxers are a team of professional and successful competitive Boxer dog handlers whom pride ourselves on breeding and showing high quality sound Boxers. Rampid has had a tremendous amount of success within the show ring and plan on continuing this success.Β 

All of our Boxers are purpose bred with good health, temperament and type in mind. To ensure that our strategically planned litters carry on the good health and type that Rampid produces. All of our boxers have been heart tested via echo-cardiogram which aids in the clearing of aortic stenosis we also own a holter monitor which is another way we test our Boxers hearts.Β All of our Boxers are valued members of our family here at Rampid.Β 

All of our Boxers are valued members of our family here at Rampid.

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